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Graduating tomorrow!

I will be graduating tomorrow morning with my bachelor in Game Art & Design finally! I’m currently making some last minute alterations and minor fixes to my demo reel that have been suggested since I released the final draft last week; to serve for my final demo reel that I will be presenting in the morning.  

Also updating some of my textures and materials in my casino environment to bring them up to snuff, here is my low poly video poker machine I am currently in the process of texturing, not final yet. It currently sits at around 2.6k tri, I may optimize it some more to push to closer to 2k whilst keeping the same geometry.


I’m pretty happy with the casino environment, after two months working on it, it is finally close to finished, I think maybe a couple more weeks adjusting some of the materials and adding in some small props and it is done. I will be uploading new screenshots very soon!


Hello and welcome!

This is my first post but it certainly won’t be my last, I will be updating this area with progress and reports on my portfolio work as well as freelance work I do on the side so please keep an eye on this space, any questions or comments related to my work are encouraged so please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.