Casino Environment Progress

With the surprise release of Unreal Engine 4 last month I decided to migrate the beginning of my casino environment from UDK to UE4 since I was still in the blockout stage of the project and with the new features available in UE4, I will be able to showcase my level in much higher fidelity than I could have previously.


Last updated: May 29, 2014 3:19:06 PM

Thanks to the more advanced shaders/reflections/global illumination UE4 can now utilize I can build a much more realistic environment.

 Reference Photo:valoro-casino

I have decided to push to using masks for most of my textures to allow me to easily tweak the diffuse/roughness/emissive with parameters to save time.

I am also finding it is a lot easier and quicker to create an environment when I have a solid concept to work from, all of my past environments took longer than anticipated due to the fact I was creating them on the go without a solid base reference and using my imagination to fill the voids.

I built the original blockout for the casino in UDK back in February then went back to my other two environments to finalize them for a month whilst also beginning to model some of the game tables, then late March/early april created the blockout again in Unreal Engine 4 and began modeling all of the assets within the reference photos.